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connect. EN 175301-803 fem/male self assembly

The range of ATAM connectors conform to EN 175301-803 (previously DIN 43650) are available as cable entry version for self-assembly of the cable, or they can be supplied complete with moulded cable.

In addition to the standard connectors we have a wide range available with built in control circuits providing additional functions, e.g. LED visual indication, over voltage protection, rectification etc.

The valve connectors with cable are overmoulded in polyurethane (TPU), this offers a good level of protection against oils and chemicals, and the risk of surface contamination from foreign bodies is greatly reduced. These connectors offer protection from IP 65 to IP 67 and IP69K ( certified and complying to IEC 60529).

This ensures reliable performance when exposed to fluid jets and dust, when correctly assembled.

  1. Cable entry connectors to EN 175301-803


    • robust design with ample space to facilitate cable assembly to the contacts,
    • single piece contacts secured in the contact holder by spring-loaded lugs,
    • protection spring between conductor fixing screw and contact to prevent conductor damage during cable assembly,
    • fixing screw end stop to prevent curvature and damage to the housing when assembled,
    • wide range of circuits available,
    • visible external tampo print for easy identification of circuit type and voltage.
      To complement range of ATAM EN 175301-803 connectors we also have available a range of EN 175301-803 compliant male bases, in a variety of configurations.

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